Capturing the Feelings

Celebrating the feeling of true love, friendship, passion, tenderness.

Clay Sculpture

 Original all handmade clay sculpture by Elisaveta Sivas
My sculpture is conceptual, sensitive, delicate, emotional, expressing a story or an idea.
I do often use allegory to express a concept or a view.
Through a composition of figures of different figures I tell stories or set situations to be thought by the viewer.

You could find available pieces in my etsy and artmajeur shops.

 Flight Desire
Desire to be free.

 Find it in my shop
Woman trying to understand man. She is trying to literally enter his mind.

 Find this sculpture in my shop
There is no distance for the loving souls. They could feel each other even through distance.

 Into His Mind
(View from above)

 Dreaming Love
A person is dreaming love and the connection is expressed by real figures appearing in his head.

 Gorgon Medusa
Gorgon Medusa is considered to be formidable foe. But she has her kind side, too. As all the humans are just humans, not bad and not good, just having their virtues and weaknesses. Medusa used to be a beautiful young girl. But she was unfairly punished by Athena when Poseidon tried to rape her in Athena's temple. Athena turned Medusa into a foe. I wanted to vindicate Medusa and to underline her kind side. Her blood could kill, but could heal, too. So I made beautiful girls instead of the snakes.

 Gorgon Medusa

 Gorgon Medusa

When two people truly love each other, they create a special connection between the souls.

 Merging sculpture in my shop

 Love sculpture


"His Hands"
A woman is imagining the hands of her lover when he is far away.
SOLD. In private collection.

"His Hands"

"His Hands"

 Love sculpture

 Horse ceramic head

In FLUX exhibition in London, 2019.

FLUX exhibition in London, 2019.

"Alpha-Theta" exhibition in London, 2019.

 The innermost
We could hid the most deer feeling in the most protected place of our mind.

 The innermost

 Not in the Body not in the Mind
Our most important part which makes us human is somewhere else, not in our body, and not in our mind.

 Out of Mind
Trying to get away from the mind control. Or could it be a woman having influence over man's mind?

Fragile soul inside our body. Do we always listen to our soul?

 Clay sculptures by Elisaveta Sivas

 Out of Mind


 Love and freedom. Contemplation with horse.
Contemplation about freedom and love. And love for horses.

"Love Dream"

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