Capturing the Feelings

Celebrating the feeling of true love, friendship, passion, tenderness.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mother and baby oil painting

My Mother and baby oil painting has found amazing home in England. I think they have got an amazing framing and match beautifully to the interior. I am especially happy because the new owners love the painting and they are very kind and lovely people. I am glad that Mother and Baby give and receive love!!!!!! Thank you so much, Lydia, for sending me this photo!
25 x 31 inches, oil on canvas

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Decorative circle drawing

Decorative circle pen drawing FEMALE ART

Raw emotional abstract series

80 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas

This is one of the paintings of my emotional raw abstract. In these paintings I do not concentrate on subject, but leave my subconsciousness free to express my feelings. I just follow my intuition and the colours do come on the canvas. This is a motion in the sky, expressing wind, light, clouds, movement in the sky and in our life. There are amazing vibrant calming blues, pinks expressing the hope and red colours showing the intensity of the life drama.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bright colours abstract motion painting

Bright colours blue pink red turquoise motion
80 x 100 cm
31,5 x 39,4 inches

Grey blue large abstract

grey blue calming colours
100 x 140 cm
39,4 x 55 inches

Turquoise blue abstract painting

Large abstract oil painting on canvas
100 x 120 cm
39,4 x 47 inches

It was a long time ago a friend of mine, art lover and collector, was telling me "Why don't you try abstract?" And the idea looked strange to me. Abstract it is just colours, no theme, no object, no figure! And finally I have tried abstract and... enjoyed it! It gives a possibility to feel free to paint. to concentrate on colours and feelings forgetting about the subject. It is an amazing way of expression!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 minutes for doing what you love!

5 minutes for doing what you love!!!!
Doing what you love even 5 minutes per day makes you happy. I love painting. If I paint even a little, I am happy. Yesterday I went to paint before going to bed. "Just 5 minutes!" I say to myself. And here the horse is started. " Just a little more!" and 5 minutes become half an hour. After I just can't go to sleep without finishing the horse. Few hours and the horse is ready! I am sleepy, but happy! Red brown large horse on canvas is getting dry and coming soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Abstract brain research art

Abstract modern ink drawing black and white wall art
Brain research through ink painting
How our brains could be influenced, how the information passes, how the vibrations interact. Interesting and unknown field of science!

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Motherhood art

Black and white motherhood ink drawing
A2, A3, ink, high quality drawing paper
interior decoration wall art

Love, tenderness, intimacy in connection between mother and baby

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Continuity in the Universe

Contemporary black and white abstract art
Our world is connected through energies and vibrations, all the beings are united and continue one another. Here is my research of the universe interactions through the lines and shapes.
A2 size, ink, quality drawing paper

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Original pomegranate ink drawing
A2 size, ink, quality drawing paper
Black and white interior decor

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Music art

Ink drawing dedicated to MUSIC and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS

My new series of abstract modern ink drawing by "LANERDI"
A2 size, high quality drawing paper, ink
home decoration, music school, concert hall interior decoration

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Contemporary abstract PORTRAITS

My new series of contemporary abstract ink drawing signed as "Lanerdi"
High quality paper, ink, A2

This series is called PORTRAITS
Through these portraits I am making a research of our world functioning, horizontal and vertical connections in society, interactions between human beings, our brain functioning, influence of thoughts and energies.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

My horses in interiors

My horses in interior spaces
Large original horse painting on canvas

My art in interior

Enjoying my art in interior
Motherhood original oil painting


Horses with their babies, scenes full of love and tenderness.

Blue horse painting

This horse is full of red apples. Apple is symbolizing love, life, many positive feelings. This fruit is full of vitamins good for human! So nutritive when eaten fresh from the tree! So this horse is bringing many apples for you, bringing love and good nutrition!
23 x 28 inches
60 x 72 cm

Small horses carrying pomegranates

My collection of small oil painting
Fairy tale horses bringing magic pomegranates, a fruit symbolizing life and prosperity. Bringing more magic into this world!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Cob building in Estonia

I love cob building and the idea that somebody could build her/his own eco house with natural materials and with little cost. So I was very happy to learn that there is an experienced cob builder/instructor in Estonia just one hour drive from our place. Some days ago we have visited Jaanus Viese's house hidden in the forest. It was an amazing meeting when you come from different places, but speak the same universal human language (or universal language of the Universe?). Everything in Jaanus's house is natural and eco, simple and beautiful. Jaanus is very smiling person and you get a lot of light while meeting him and his family. And of course I was very much excited to see the cob creations, finished and ongoing projects, cob houses, cob ovens, cob benches, cob fireplace, cob garden toilet etc. I am waiting for the next summer to build my first cob house in my place with Jaanus's help and guiding. Here are some photos of Jaanus's cob creations. And you could see many more on his websites and