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Friday, September 4, 2015

Cob building in Estonia

I love cob building and the idea that somebody could build her/his own eco house with natural materials and with little cost. So I was very happy to learn that there is an experienced cob builder/instructor in Estonia just one hour drive from our place. Some days ago we have visited Jaanus Viese's house hidden in the forest. It was an amazing meeting when you come from different places, but speak the same universal human language (or universal language of the Universe?). Everything in Jaanus's house is natural and eco, simple and beautiful. Jaanus is very smiling person and you get a lot of light while meeting him and his family. And of course I was very much excited to see the cob creations, finished and ongoing projects, cob houses, cob ovens, cob benches, cob fireplace, cob garden toilet etc. I am waiting for the next summer to build my first cob house in my place with Jaanus's help and guiding. Here are some photos of Jaanus's cob creations. And you could see many more on his websites and