Capturing the Feelings

Celebrating the feeling of true love, friendship, passion, tenderness.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Animal ink sketch MOOSE

Original line drawing MOOSE
Black and white drawing from my animal sketches series on brown drawing paper.

Moose is an amazing very high and graceful animal with lovely huge horns. His horns are growing like a life tree giving home to many birds.

Pen, permanent ink marker, drawing paper
7,5 x 7,8' (19 x 19,8 cm)

Peacock original drawing

PEACOCK pen drawing
Pen, permanent ink marker, brown drawing paper
4,9 x 7,5' (12,5 x 19 cm)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Decorative circle art

Original decorative circle drawing, BIRD ART
Pen, permanent ink marker, drawing paper
5,5 x 7,5' (14,7 x 19,6 cm)

The decorative motives were inspired by the Persian ceramics of the 9th-14th centuries. This period presents amazing decorative pieces: bowls, plates, vases. The culture was very high developed and the artists created gorgeous artworks. Some secrets of ceramic production were lost forever and some amazing colors remain secret for modern world and could not be reproduced. I admire this art and get inspiration from it.

Flying girl

Original pen drawing
This is a mini drawing, small drawing. The size is A6, 3,9 x 7,5' (9,8 x 14,7 cm)

This is a decorative art sketch from my small drawings series. The girl is flying high, she is free and enjoying the freedom of her fly. The dragonflies are following her. Dragonfly is a wonderful transparent creature and it has many symbolic meanings. It is associated with freedom, transformation and renewal, life and death, subconscious mind, light, magic and illusion.

Motherhood art

Motherhood mini drawing, original line drawing
The size is A6, 3,9 x 7,5' (9,8 x 14,7 cm)

Original animal art

Original animal drawing from my mini drawings series
The size is A6, 3,9 x 7,5' (9,8 x 14,7 cm)

Original decorative pen drawing

My original mini line drawings, decorative bird art
The size is A6, 3,9 x 7,5' (9,8 x 14,7 cm)