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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Salesroom Artist: Elisaveta Sivas

Salesroom Artist: Elisaveta Sivas

(Image: Elisaveta SivasDAPPLE GRAY HORSE, 2011, oil on canvas, wool, mixed media, 100 x 120 x 1,5 cms; © Elisaveta Sivas)
Elisaveta Sivas (b. 1979, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Born in St. Petersburg in 1979 a designer of Russian-Estonian origin, Elisaveta Sivas started visiting a ceramic studio at the age of three and later she continued to study painting and sculpture in the Art School. After working for several years as a researcher at the State University of Cyprus, she followed her desire to create clothes and art objects and studied fashion, painting and ceramics. In 2009 she graduated from St. Peteresburg Art Future School of Design, where she studied Fashion and Costume Design. She took lessons and worked her ceramic pieces at Valeria Polsinelli’s studio Graines de Terre in Paris, Aleksej Berensen's studio in St.Petersburg and Vassos Demetriou’s studio in Larnaca. She took special courses in Fashion Design in Felicidad Duce Fashion School in Barcelona and in NABA in Milan. Elisaveta's paintings include fairy tale creatures, horses and birds mostly. As a fashion designer she creates unique handmade silk dress in retro style. Each dress represents more a piece of art, than a fashion garment.
Education: Graduated from the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg University, 2000. Mastesr degree in Greek Linguistics, 2002. PhD in the Theory of Language, 2007. Graduated from St. Peteresburg Art Future School of Design, 2009.

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