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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My sculpture in the Gallery Sapere Aude in Copenhagen

I am so glad that my sculpture is now presented by the Gallery Sapere Aude in Copenhagen. I think that there is no meeting by chance, but always with some purpose. I am very happy to meet the founder of the gallery Peter Haisler.

The gallery has an authentic approach and presents a great selection of contemporary high quality art. I like that the gallery breaks a bit the rules and accepts that artists could change style and do not have to be recognizable. Everything is allowed when we create. One of the goals of the gallery is to present art which makes us think about life, about who we are, to present artists who have created artworks in order to investigate themselves or the world, to examine human feelings and thoughts, to reflect on life and to touch the existential questions, to try to change the world for the better. And it looks like at this moment we need some change. Thank you, Peter, for your amazing work!

To reflect and to view the selection of art you can visit the Gallery Sapere Aude in the center Copenhagen or visit the website

Gallery Sapere Aude on Facebook

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