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Monday, October 3, 2011

Horses and birds, original oil paintings by Elisaveta Sivas

WHITE HORSE with a pomegranate, original oil painting, 100 x 120 cm, large painting

RED HORSES, original oil painting, very large diptyche, pushmi-pullyu (тяни-толкай), modern artwork by Elisaveta Sivas, 140 x 200 cm

Original oil painting, YELLOW BIRD, fine art by Elisaveta Sivas, 60 x 80 cm

Warrior white horse, original oil painting, 100 x 120 cm

Original oil painting, RED HORSE, large painting, 80 x 120 cm

oil on canvas, mixed media, collage, 100 x 120 cm, 2011

Two small horses, 100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2011

oil on canvas, mixed media, collage, 80 x 120cm, 2011

These original paintings are luckely all sold now! But you can always ask for a copy of the painting you like or find more paintings and other artworks for sale in my shop.

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